Our Story

MB Nutrition was founded by Michael Giangregorio and Ben Harris (pictured below) in Jacksonville, Florida with the goal to create a fitness brand that people want to stand behind. A company that people want to support and use throughout their day to create a healthy lifestyle. MB Nutrition is on a mission to MAKE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EASY. We hope our supplements, workout plans, exercise tips, and meal plans can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and a better you!

Michael and Ben don't just talk the talk (like most supplement companies), they are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will give you more energy to achieve all the things you desire! A healthy lifestyle will relieve all that stress from work and life. We have compiled a team of experts with over 40 years of experience to create supplements that will help you achieve your fitness goals! This is why MB-Nutrition has become one of the most popular supplement companies in the United States! F-16 pre-workout has been proven and tested to be the best focus enhancing pre-workout in the world!

We hope our supplements allow you to tune out all distractions for that one hour of your day, the hour where you can focus on you! Whether that's in the gym, outside for a run, or yoga on the beach. You deserve that one hour to forget about all the unanswered emails, nagging boss, non-stop phone calls, or the text messages you need to respond to. Go enjoy your happy place!

Also, check out the training tips that our MB Nutrition Athletes have put together to help you optimize your workouts!